All products in this clothing line are custom made for you and cannot be found in our stock. Therefore, it is important that you order before the mentioned order deadline. Unfortunately, there is no return right on custom made items, and it is not possible to place any orders after the order deadline.

If you do not have the opportunity to try on the clothes before placing your order, or if you are unsure which size you should choose, we recommend that you use our digital size guide which you will find below each individual product. By clicking on “What is my size?” you can fill in your body measurements and you will be recommended which size you should choose. Read more about our digital size guide here .

Please note that you should get an order confirmation per email when the order has been completed. If you do not receive an order confirmation upon completion of the order it has not been registered and we kindly ask you contact our support.


You can pay with credit card. The credit card transaction is instantly authorized and withdrawn from your account.

Default payment terms for manual orders coordinated through Trimtex salesman are 20 days unless agreed upon otherwise. If your club, team or company is offered a webshop solution you can finalize your payment directly in our “check out” and complete your payment trough one of our offered payments methods.

For all countries outside the European Union, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Scandinavia we practice pre-payment. Also, for some selected countries within the European Union (like for example Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Croatia) we require pre-payment. More information about this will be given from our sales team or customer service.

Purchases of customized products do not have a right of withdrawal, cf. the exception in the Right of Withdrawal Act §22, e). Trimtex therefore encourages you to check the size guide well and / or use our digital "size guide" where you can enter information about yourself and get the recommended size based on your stated body measurements.

When purchasing credit, Trimtex can make the necessary credit approval. For orders where no credit approval is given, advance payment applies.


Delivery & Returns


Lead time for delivery on customized orders is normally 5-7 weeks. The contact person for your team, club or company will be informed of the precise lead time when your order is confirmed.
We offer worldwide delivery on manual custom orders. Our webshop solution is only available for EU countries and will only be offered for teams, clubs and company above a certain size. Our sales representatives will inform contact persons for teams, club and companies about which minimum criteria’s that has to be fulfilled to set up a custom webshop.

When ordering customised clothing through your club, team or company shipment cost will be calculated and communicated through either to your contact person (on manual custom orders) or be calculated direct in your webshop if your team, club, or company have this option.


When ordering uniquely designed garments for club, company or team, we will send an order confirmation to our contact person in the organisation in question. The order confirmation will state prices and relevant products. For an order to be put into production, the order confirmation must be approved by e-mail. Once the customer has approved the order, Trimtex is no longer responsible for any errors that might occur on the order confirmation.

RETURNSCustomized products and custom made goods (products purchased in your unique custom design for your club, company or team) do not have the right of withdrawal, exchange or return, cf. the exception in The Right of Withdrawal Act §22 Exemption from the right of withdrawal: "The right of withdrawal does not apply to purchase regarding: e) delivery of goods that are manufactured to the consumer's specifications, or which has been given a distinct personal design/layout”. Since custom made products are custom made for you and in your club, team or company unique design these products do not have the right to withdrawal, exchange or returns. With this in mind we urge you to be accurate when selecting correct sizes when shopping customized products and to ask us if you are in doubt.

General Terms

When you purchase custom-made goods in your own special design via our sellers, you accept our purchase conditions, and a binding agreement is entered into between Trimtex Europe OÜ, or another Trimtex company, and you as a customer. Below is information about our general purchase conditions.

Shipments to your club, company, or team are deliver DDP to Norway, EU, and Switzerland. VAT and customduty is paid by Trimtex.

For shipments outside Norway, EU, and Switzerland, the shipments are made FOB, and the customer is responsible for paying import duty and VAT upon receiving the goods.

The buyer is the person on the order confirmation. Products that are designed in your own special design are defined as specially manufactured goods.

We point out that the purchase of specially manufactured goods does not have the right of withdrawal cf. the exception in the Law of Obligations Act §53 “(4) The right of withdrawal provided for in subsection 1 of § 56 of this Act shall not apply to contracts the object of which is, (3) for delivery of goods manufactured according to the conditions established by the consumer”

When purchasing custom made goods in your own design, it will appear from the offer and the order confirmation whether the price is inclusive or exclusive of VAT.

Loan Samples

When shopping customised products in custom design it’s possible to request loan samples through the responsible salesman from Trimtex. We offer to send loans to customers within the EU, Scandinavian and the Swiss market. For customers in Scandinavia, we offer free freight and return of the loan orders. For rest of the EU and Switzerland, we offer free freight from Trimtex to the customer. Cost for return of the loan order back to Trimtex is customers responsibility (including booking and all costs).

The normal loan time for samples is 3 weeks. If you have agreed for a longer loan period, this will be stated on the loaning confirmation in the parcel we send you. If you need to extend the loan period, please contact your sales representative so we can register this, and you will not receive irrelevant reminders. We ask you to treat the products gently. It's of the utmost importance that the garments are returned undamaged, unstained and clean.

Return address to be used for loan samples is:

Trimtex Europe OÜ
Pärlimõisa tee 25
80030 Pärnu
Estonia Trimtex Europe OÜ
Phone no: +47 37 26 91 00


Trimtex offers a 2-year warranty on all products. The guarantee does not apply to deviations due to normal wear and tear or errors in use. If you discover errors and omissions in the shipment or other discrepancies on the product, we would like you to let us know as soon as possible and within a reasonable time, no later than three months after you have received the item. You can complain no later than two years after you received the item.

If you want to request a complaint for an item, please contact us at help@trimtexcustom.com We require that all complaint products are washed before they are sent back to us. Depending on the inquiry, we will consider whether a complaint will be granted and whether we can repair the product or whether we will send you a new one.

Privacy policy

At trimtexcustom.com, we have the utmost respect for your desire to protect personal data online.

Read our privacy policy here

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