Pursue Skinsuit SD Women

This suit is for Sprint distance with top-quality Italian padding and two back pockets for gels.

  • This store is open until 04-06-2024. The estimated delivery is 12-07-2024.
Triathlon suit at premium level for sprint distance races. 

The fabrics that make up this suit are from the Italian supplier Carvico – one of the best suppliers of technical sports material on the market, many of their products have been awarded with several quality and performance certificates. The main fabric used in the Pursue suit is a very durable fabric with an ultra-matt surface, and in combination with the second fabric that we have used, the suit has got excellent retention which is good for restorative purposes. 

The suit is ITU approved with zipper with drawstring at the back. It has an elastic edge band round the collar for comfort. There is a solid-coloured material at crotch/back area for protection and abrasion resistance. Bottom of legs have 7cm wide silicone cuffs to keep the suit in place. The top-quality sprint distance triathlon padding is from Italian Elastic Interface. This suit has no pockets at the back. Due to the short distance this is not needed.

The suit has an extremely tight fit and is made to sit as close as possible to the body.

  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable