Trail Long Tights TX Men

Solid tights perfect for tough terrain.

  • This store is open until 14-01-2027. The estimated delivery is 05-02-2023.

Running tights for running on a trail in the forest or for orienteering. The ceramic carbon materials located on the front of the tights and on the inside of the calves are extremely durable and can withstand great strain. The tights have a strong UV protection that corresponds to SPF 30. It's very elastic and has great ventilation. These tights combine durability and comfort seamlessly.

Long, tough runs require replenishment of nutrition, and therefore we have placed two pockets for gels located on the lower back of the tights. Here you can also find a zipper pocket. The tights have very good breathability with ventilation panels behind the knees. The waist is slightly wider on these tights than on other tights to ensure a great fit, no matter how intense the workout is. It also has a drawstring at the waist, and a soft mesh lining on the inside. The tights do have compression, but it has a zipper on the leg that goes up to the middle of the leg. 

The tights ensure great movement and fits most people. It also has a tight fit, which means it sits close to the body.